Returnable Packaging Reduces Total Cost and Improves ROI

When considering whether a returnable packaging is right for your flows, Nefab can help.    With the help of the customer we take into account many parameters to analyze including distribution points, cycle time, required pay off time, etc...    With this information, we can drop these parameters into our software program to determine whether a returnable solution will help you reduce costs, or if a returnable solution isn't the most beneficial.

The figure below shows one of many analysis graphs available when all parameters have been put into the system. In this example, you can see how the Nefab RePak helps reduce freight and return freight csots (transport) and price (product protection) over the life of the project.
In addition to showing these savings vs the current system in place, Nefab also breaks down the pay-off time and total savings achieved over the project length.
This way it's easy for the customer to see whether moving to a returnable package will meet their required pay-off time, but also how much savings can be achieved.

Included in these Returnable Packaging Cost Saving figures are:

  • All information gathered directly from the customer
  • % loss on packages in the flow. This figure will be determined based on information gathered from the customer and the complexity involved, based on Nefab's experience
  • Optimization in trucks based on pallet footprint as well as stackability
  • Price for the single returnable unit