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Steel Racks, Steel Containers, Wire Mesh Containers

Customers demand durability in their packaging. Under these conditions, steel packaging solutions have proved to be very suitable. 

Foldable steel containers for reusable systems are an appreciated form of packaging that can be customized to fulfill the customer's needs. Nefab designs and supplies multi-purpose wire mesh containers as well as customized steel racks and containers for better handling. 

Steel Racks and Steel Containers offer the following benefits:

  • Long lifetime
  • Extremely strong
  • Completely customizable
  • Ease of handling
  • Collapsible
  • Very good product protection

The automotive packaging segment  is a good example where customized steel packaging is used. Due to specific handling, transport and product conditions, this segment requires expert support through the whole process, from engineering to implementation. Nefab provides specific solutions for a wide range of applications including chassis parts, interiors and body parts.

Nefab's steel offering includes:

Steel Racks

Steel Racks are a valuable item when it comes to goods which are heavy and self protectant since at times the product is exposed to the elements during transport. Nefab's collapsible steel racks help save in warehouse space as well as return freight. In addition, steel racks are extremely strong offering excellent stacking capabilities.


Steel Containers

Steel containers are most often used for bulk loading, where other materials may not do due to bulging. Nefab's collapsible steel containers are entirely customizable. Usually when investing in steel solutions, the customer has good knowledge as to what they are looking for and may even have drawings. Nefab's packaging design team can work with your engineers to ensure a final product which will work for you.

Wire Mesh Containers

Wire mesh containers are also available collaspsed and are entirely customizable. Depending on your method of handling, packing, and overall pay-off time Nefab will do its best to find a steel packaging solution right for you.