On Site Packing

On Site Packing

Many of the products Nefab packages are too large or fragile for transportation prior to the packaging operations. In these cases there are three options Nefab offers;

In House Construction with On Site Packing:

One of Nefabs skilled employees will visit the your site to measure and photograph the product needing protection. Utilizing this information Nefab will create a design and produce the packaging within our facility then return to your facility for final pack.

On Site Construction with On Site Packing:

Often the scope of the packing effort is significant, requiring multiple solutions to be produced over a short period of time. In this scenario it is often cost effective for Nefab to bring a team of employees along with one of our fully equipped trucks to your site for on-site design and production. Our team measures and designs on-site, creates the packaging and completes the packing effort.

On Site Construction with On Site Packing – Long Term:

Many of Nefab’s customers have decided to outsource their entire packing and shipping operations to Nefab; allowing the customer to focus on their area of expertise while gaining the benefit of Nefab’s experience, purchasing power and flexible resources. Nefab establishes a full-time operation within the customers facility, creating packaging solutions and packing products as they are produced. Nefab manages the space, sources the raw materials and flexes the team as required to meet the needs of the customer.