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ExPak Plywood Crate Concept

Nefab ExPak is a collapsible plywood crate that takes up minimal storage space compared to a traditional cleated crate. It is very easy to assemble, and is a superior solution for export shipments and transportation under harsh conditions. 

ExPak can be used for different applications, and can be customized according to customer specifications and requirements. The combination of plywood and galvanized steel give it incredible strength and durability.  

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Many configurations available

Nefab ExPak comes in a variety of configurations to fit every type of packaging requirement. It has a proven track record worldwide in all industrial applications where valuable and sensitive goods require cost-efficient protection and transportation. 

Technical Test Reports

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Closing systems

There are several locking solutions available for the Nefab ExPak. Standard tongues are the strongest and most cost effective but depending on the type of goods, transport and packing process, other options are available.



The Nefab ExPak provides the optimal solution across a variety of industries. 

  • Datacom
  • Energy
  • General Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Vehicles
  • Logistics/Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas


To view a variety of customer cases and applications for the ExPak, click on this link

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