professional packaging strategies for cost efficiency

In the aerospace industry an effective supply chain is absolutely crucial. The right products must be in the right place, at the right time. If not, costs will increase greatly - and in the worst of cases it will affect security. As packaging has a key role in the flow, it can be strategically used to secure the quality of the supply chain and reduce total costs. 

Increased passenger and freight traffic, rising oil prices and passengers expecting an improved flying experience all help drive growth in the aerospace industry. 

Nefab offers the following benefits to aerospace OEMs, Subsuppliers, and MRO providers:

  • Complete packaging solutions with global reach 
  • World class design capabilities 
  •  Security and on-time performance
  • Precision and innovative design
  • One point of contact for all packaging related inquiries
  • Standardization of packaging
  • Significant reduction in storage
  • Lower operations costs due to reduction of inbound/outbound controlling procedures and counting inventory
  • One communication interface including a web portal for online order processing
  • Return pool administration

The aerospace industry is especially global, with parts and service centers scattered in strategic locations worldwide.  This presents unique challenges for the supply chain flow as well as the packaging solution itself, and Nefab is an expert at analyzing those flows and designing a customized solution anywhere in the world.  Over the years we have developed great relationships with major aerospace companies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  We are uniquely positioned to reduce your supply chain costs on a global scale.Our packaging solutions for the Aerospace industry include protection of products throughout the entire distribution chain. From OEMs to the end customer we can help you with anything from the hull and wings, to the dashboards, seats, engines, avionics and everything in between...



Generally speaking, MRO's either tend to have an in-house carpentry shop for those 'rush' situations, and/or, they receive various packaging materials in from numerous vendors. As you can imagine, this creates a quite complex material flow and requires staffing to account for inventory counts, tracking/tracing of returnable products in the flow, negotiating with the various vendors, etc...  


Reducing and eliminating damage is the most critical factor when working within the aerospace arena. Everything from extremely large skins, fuselage and winglets must arrive at the OEM in prestine condition... couple that with the thousands of rotable parts that exist on an aircraft creates a very complex global supply chain that requires right designed packaging solutions that will ensure the products safe delivery to its end destination for final assembly on the aircraft.

Nefab came up with a combination of collapsible, nail-less plywood boxes (Nefab ExPak) and higher quality VCI bags . This proved to be an optimal solution that eliminated the corrosion problems the customer had encountered, and it proved to be the preferred solution for their suppliers.