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Packaging for Engine Parts

ExPak solution for Engine Parts 

The Customer Case:

  • Customer produces several different sizes of diesel engines.
  • Nefab was asked to analyze the supply chain flow for two sizes of crank shafts delivered into the customer’s plant by their supplier.
  • Main issue with the existing crank shaft packaging was that the current solution wasn’t reusable.
  • High amounts of material waste produced on-site by current solution was very costly and inconvenient.

The Nefab Solution:

Nefab performed a packaging review, which analyzed the current flows, materials used, return trips and various other factors in the total cost assessment.  This led to the customer deciding that an investment in a Nefab returnable system would be the most cost-efficient solution.The Nefab project team proposed a 12 mm collapsible plywood container (RePak T) which was designed to fit the customer’s special requirements. As a result, the customer got a completely customized packaging solution, including two different sizes of plywood crates, with dedicated inner packaging for additional product protection.  

Customer Benefits:

  • The customer was very pleased with Nefab’s cost take-out approach.
  • Investment in Nefab’s reusable system will allow the customer to decrease the packaging cost by approximately 62.5% during the project’s lifetime.
  • The forecasted payback time will be only seven months.
  • Main problem of material waste with the expendable packaging solution was completely eliminated.
  • Simplified handling and transport space optimization.
  • Customized design, completely collapsible packaging
  • Ease of packing and unpacking products
  • One supplier for all packaging products
  • Convenient solution for packaging and logistics

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