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**Customer Case

Customer Case

Reduced costs with wfficient Nefab ExPak concept

The Customer Case:

A truck manufacturer was facing problems with their container shipments. The containers contained truck parts and were shipped from Brazil to Venezuela, a transport that entailed several weeks at sea. When arriving at the final destination, the truck parts were often in poor condition. This resulted in high replacement costs and emergency deliveries to ensure consistent flow in the assembly line.

The Nefab Solution:

When Nefab was contacted by the manufacturer, a comprehensive evaluation was conducted to initiate the process. Shortly thereafter, Nefab was able to present a complete program of packaging solutions for all the various truck parts. In total, over forty different packaging solutions with varying degrees of complexity were implemented in order to meet the different requirements for every product.

Customer Benefits from the Nefab Solution:

The basis of the packaging program consisted of Nefab ExPak boxes and wooden crates with inner fittings. The project also included packaging instructions for assembly at the final destination. The solutions that Nefab provided resulted in reduced product damages and increased cost savings. The packaging was designed so that the truck manufacturer was better able to utilize the space in the sea container, thereby reducing its transport costs by as much as 50%.

"We were able to reduce the total cost of container transport by sea by as much as 50%.