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Packaging for Dangerous Goods

The Customer Case:

Explosive charges for shells have to be packed hermetically in officially approved plastic tubes. One box contains 20 charges and weighs approximately 1,000 kg fully loaded. To store the products efficiently, boxes need to be stacked in the warehouse. 

The Nefab Solution:  

NEFAB ExPak PS, plywood box with a four-way pallet was chosen as the packaging solution. Standard tongues were replaced with eight “Eccentric Locks 94” on the front side, making it easier to open the box and get to the products inside. To ensure the plastic tubes won't turn themselves around, a tray made of high density thermoformed plastic (EPS) , is used as an inner fitting.    

Customer Benefits with Nefab Packaging:

  • Easy handling & quick access to contained products
  • Solid and durable plywood for optimum protection – meeting stringent requirements for dangerous goods
  • Provision of sufficient stacking in warehouse
  • Reduced weight compared to the previous solution
  • Better transport utilization
  • Significant reduction in packing time
  • Enhancement of customer's image