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Power Transmission Packaging

Packaging for Power Transmission

The Customer Case:

A company inaugurated a brand new site that would produce Circuit Breakers, Gas Insulated Substations, and Disconnectors for both domestic demand and export flows.  Nefab opened a new factory in the same location in the same year, and approached the company that was very keen on optimizing packaging solutions for their export flows.


The Nefab Solution:

The first solution was design for kits, sub components of circuit breakers, that were exported to Brazil and Mexico. Nefab reengineered the packaging solution, enabling the customer to reduce the overall number of boxes required, and optimized container loading density. After this success, Nefab was asked by the two other divisions of the customer to define packaging for their own products and flows. As a result, Nefab optimized the packaging for the Gas Insulated Substation division and standardized packaging for Disconnector.


Customer Benefits:

The Nefab solutions have provided the company with packaging solutions that are:

  • Optimized for the specific need of 3 Business Units (Circuit breaker, Gas Insulated Substation, Disconnector)
  • Reduced freight costs by increasing container loading density
  • Improved the customer's image