Our story

Our Heritage

Baker Kalle Modig was annoyed. The breadboxes he used for packing and transporting his flavorful products failed him every morning. Made of paperboard, the boxes got crumpled from the heat of the freshly baked bread. Determined to solve the problem, he turned to Hans-Elov and Sven-Erik Nordgren for help. The Nordgren brothers had a small carpentry workshop close to Kalle’s home village, Alfta, in the great woods of Sweden. They were known for taking on all kinds of jobs and solving them with a twist. Of course the Nordgrens came up with an innovative solution. A sturdy, functional box with a Masonite bottom which made Kalle’s job a whole lot easier. The rumor spread among the Swedish bakers and in 1949 the brothers got a breakthrough order: 1 000 bread boxes for a large food chain. Nordgrens Emballagefabrik AB (Nefab) was founded.

Going Global

Nefab’s reputation as a responsive and innovative packaging supplier grew fast. Soon enough, the famous brands of the Swedish industrial era knocked on the door at the production facilities in Runemo. They all wanted help to solve problems with product protection and to reduce their packaging costs. For each and every customer, Nefab developed a tailored solution. The collaborations also resulted in some groundbreaking innovations like strong, lightweight export packaging. Packaging products that kept the goods safe and decreased damage. And since they were flat units when not used, they saved a lot of money in transport and warehousing. No one knew then, but by reducing the environmental impact this clever material and size-optimized packaging was the starting point of Nefab’s future commitment to sustainability. The customers loved the new ideas, especially an internationally successful telecommunications company that invited Nefab to follow their expansion around the globe. By offering service and production close to the customers’ international production sites, Nefab showed its commitment. During the last three decades of the 1900s Nefab expanded with their own facilities and market organizations in Europe, North America, Asia and South America.

The Complete Packaging Solution

Just in time for the new millennium Nefab had become a major international player. More than 50 years’ experience of optimizing packaging for customers in different industries had resulted in a unique know-how in packaging design – and a complete set of packaging products and services. Now Nefab was able to offer customers new ways to save on their packaging. By designing packaging based on the customers’ flow, Nefab could cut costs on more than just the manufacturing of the packaging. With a total cost approach on all packaging related issues – from protection to handling, administration, warehousing, transport and environment – a lot of hidden costs were found. Nefab had developed into a complete partner for packaging solutions, offering partnership and a holistic approach.

Target Segments & Global Accounts

Today, Nefab’s offer is unique. We are the only company able to offer complete packaging solutions, worldwide as well as locally. By building an organization specialized in target segments and global accounts we are reinforcing our vision as the global partner for complete packaging solutions. Going in the same direction, with higher speed, we will deepen the relationship with our customers. True to our heritage, Nefab will continue to be the partner that always sees the mission from the customer’s side. Our strengths in multi-material engineering, combined with a total cost approach and global footprint will improve business – in your world.