Nefab Environmental Policy

Nefab shall be a leading green industrial packaging company. 

Product protection

The most important function of Nefab's packaging is to protect goods being transported and stored thus preventing the unnecessary loss of resources through product damage.

Low total environmental impact

In our process for developing complete packaging solutions, we strive to enable our customers to achieve the lowest possible total environmental impact, by focusing on the entire life cycle of a packaging.

Continuous improvement

Our minimum requirement in production and distribution is compliant with current laws and regulations. Our aim, however, is to go beyond today's legal requirements by continuing to work toward reducing the overall environmental impact of our products, and preventing pollution.

Efficient and careful use of resources

We utilize nature's resources as sparingly and efficiently as is technically possible and economically viable. We also encourage our suppliers to act in the same manner. Our aim is to secure a place for Nefab in a future sustainable society.