Green efforts and improvements

Green efforts are a central part of Nefab's business concept, since we aim to reduce environmental impact by designing and supplying optimized packaging solutions. 

As we strive to be a leading green industrial packaging company, Nefab's Green Team has been formed and given the responsibility to outline our strategy and take measures to implement it accordingly. Nefab's green strategy targets three main areas where we focus our efforts. These are Green Customer Offer, Green Supply Chain and Green Operations. 

Green Customer Offer

Nefab has a number of initiatives in order to reduce the environmental impact from packaging and the processes where packaging is being used. This area covers issues such as analysis of environmental impact during a products life cycle, reduction of materials and improved reusability of packaging products and components. 

ECO Calculator

Nefab has the tools in place to conduct a full Life Cycle Assessment of the environmental impact of packaging solutions. We are able to calculate a number of parameters; most common are global warming potential (GWP) and water consumption. These tools help our customers to understand the impact of existing packaging solutions as well as how new solutions can improve their environmental footprint.

Green design

Nefab's offering- to provide engineered complete packaging solutions that reduce total packaging costs and environmental impact - requires expertize in logistics, packaging material characteristics, and handling conditions. With a complete picture of the total situation we are able to design solutions that use the minimum of resources from our planet, both in terms of raw materials and fossil energy to move the packaging around the globe to its final destination.

Returnable systems

A good way to reduce waste is to use a solution many times. This is what Nefab's returnable solutions do. Nefab has long experience in designing, implementing and pooling returnable systems. Thanks to Nefab's RECO software, which compares the cost of returnable and one-way solutions and our ECO Calculator, we can provide a full picture of cost and environmental impact by implementing a returnable system.

Green Supply Chain

Evaluation of suppliers

Nefab conducts supplier evaluations covering many different areas. One of these areas is environmental impact and as the rating in this area affects the total score of a supplier we can control the minimum level of compliance as well as motivating suppliers to provide components and solutions that reduce the environmental impact.

Maximize use of renewable material resources

Whether the packaging material is wood based or otherwise, Nefab offers all possible alternatives from bio-based and, bio-degradable to recyclable solutions.

Green Operations

Environmental Management Systems

Nefab has decided that all production units should have an EMS (ISO 14001 or similar) implemented. As per end of 2014, sixteen of Nefab's facilities are certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, environment and anti-corruption. Nefab signed the UN Global Compact in October 2008 and supports this initiative. We take actions to improve our operations in this respect. Click here for the latest version of our Communication on Progress report.