• Packing Services

    in L.A.

Our facility in Los Angeles is located in Southern California close to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.The ports are around 18 kilometers south of our location, so it is convenient for our customers to send products from across the U.S.to consolidate for packing or containerization to our facility.

Export crating, use of aluminum foil with VCI's, and desiccants, foam for shock isolation and custom built containers for all segments that Nefab serves. We met with Bob Cralle, Site Manager, to tell us more about our L.A. facility and especially tell us more about the packing services that we provide to our customers.

The Los Angeles Facility

Our facility in Los Angeles covers 26,000 square meters with 7,900 square meters under roof. With L.A.'s climate there is not a lot of rain and the cold is never a concern. Customers needs vary a lot, from small solutions for healthcare customers, less than a meter in length, to our main oil and gas customer with box lengths of 33 meters and forty tons in weight. The solutions range from using just heat shrink to complex packing solutions than can be shipped horizontal or vertical, says Bob Cralle, Site Manager.

Our Customers and Operations

We service a mix of customers, with both planned and un-planned shipping schedules. Trying to be flexible to meet both schedules can be a bit trying - but this is what we are good at! During the course of a day we help our customers to pack and ship everything from a product that weighs less than a kilogram to a product that weighs fifty tons. Our primary customer segments are Industry, Energy, Aerospace, and Healthcare, respectively in that order.

Solutions for multiple locations

At the moment we are working with a global solar panel company. We are working with the same solution in L.A., the Philippines, and in France. The solution originated with Canada and our local designer in L.A. played a part in the solution. L.A. With our setup we are able to help our customer in multiple locations worldwide.

Bob Cralle, Site Manager Los Angeles

Heavy-Duty Solutions

The challenges when dealing with overweight, oversized cargo is that it may be booked for a vessel in advance of arrival and delays in transporting it across the U.S. due to issues getting permits from certain states, limited hours of driving in certain areas, and bad weather may only leave one or two days to pack and load the freight. Having a team that can provide last minute solutions brings value to the customer and to Nefab. 

Customer Intimacy

At the end of the day we solve the problems through customer intimacy, multiple-packaging design solutions and going the extra-mile for the customer.The combination of all these is what Nefab provides to meet our customer needs.

For more information from our operations in L.A. please contact Bob Cralle.