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EdgePak Straw

Cost efficient, Fast to assemble, and 100% paper recyclable

Taking care of the world’s natural resources has always been a part of Nefab´s heritage. Today, we are a leading global provider of sustainable packaging solutions and logistics optimization.
We have set the objective to create the strongest fiber based box in the market, that can be recycled as easily as a sheet of paper, anywhere in the world. With strawbased solutions we are innovating to lead the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow.


Making a difference with strawbased solutions


Local communities benefit from strawboard solutions by being able to sell straw, which is the residue from their crops, instead of burning it.


Locally, health is improved due to reduced CO2 emissions, since the straw can be used in manufacturing of strawboard, rather than being burnt in the fields.


Straw solutions have a positive impact not only at the origin, but also at the end-destination, by minimizing landfill since the packaging solutions are biodegradable and recyclable as paper.


EdgePak Straw - A heavy duty corrugated Solution






  • Edgepak is a corrugated B flute frame with folded flaps that trap flexible strawboard corners into a very rigid construction
  • The foldable corners are made from strawboard that is paper recyclable, moisture resistant and very strong.
  • It has a stacking strength ranging from 2.5 to 4T depending on the size of the box.
  • The solution is customizable and comes with a range of different lids, depending on if your shipment has like-for-like stacking or a mix load. 


Technical Specification

PropertyTest StandardDescriptionResult
Stacking strenght ASTM D642-2015 EdgePak Straw 1200x800x800mm 31,5kN
Moisture resistance ASTM D951+ASTMD642-2015 EdgePak Straw 1200x800x800mm 24kN (-24%)
Board B flute ECT 7
Corner Straw 8 mm pressed board
Lid Options Straw Straw 6 mm
  Corrugated Corrugated double wall
  Plywood Plywood 6 mm


Download EdgePak Straw Brochure

Strawboard Test Report