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Pack Audit

Pack audit

Pack audit is a program for identifying and evaluating opportunities to reduce the total cost of logistics.

For customers that want to make sure their supply chain is lean, Nefab offers a pack audit service. By taking a holistic approach to all inbound and outbound logistic flows, Nefab helps customers to improve their business by optimizing their packaging where it makes the biggest impact. This is how it works: 


The service runs through a pre-defined process:

1. Pre-audit meeting

Nefab and the customer review the current packaging material and packaging process as well as determining the scope and focus of the upcoming program. From the first step Nefab will deliver a pre-audit report and a proposal for a complete pack audit. This step is used to establish the potential improvements that can be achieved.

2. Pack audit workshop

During the second step, a complete review is made to cover all products, their packaging, packing processes and related logistic flows. The purpose of this step is to gather data and information that enables Nefab to propose optimized solutions, taking product protection and the total cost of logistics into account.

3. Reengineering and optimization

With all information at hand, Nefab reengineer solutions and analyze the impact on total cost. At this stage our engineers utilize a set of tools supporting design, dimensioning, load and freight optimization, and total cost analysis. The deliverable is 3D design concepts that enable the customer to visualize the optimized complete packaging solution.

4. Pack audit report

The final result of the program is the pack audit report. The report explains the current total cost of logistics, proposed packaging designs and impact on total cost. Test reports, packing instructions, samples and more can be part of the report, depending on the scope of the project.

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