Secure Packaging Solutions

The Supply Chain responsibility ends at the point where you have to make sure that the quantity and quality of the delivered products meets your customer's expectations. In most of the cases, along the Supply Chain, the liability of your products safety and security commitment towards the customers is handed over to third party companies. As such, your products safety and security depend entirely on their people, technology, processes and performance.

Nefab offer several levels of security solutions to fit your needs.

A failure in any of these areas can lead to failures in your customer's satisfaction and ultimately to missed market opportunities.

The appropriate Secure Packaging Solution represents the main barrier between your products and the safety and security risks associated with uncontrolled Supply Chain environments.


Secure Packaging Solutions

Tier 1 - Secure Packaging

The products in this category are suitable for light or medium weigh business critical or valuable products.

Tier 2 - Enhanced Security Packaging

Products in this category are suitable for heavy business critical or high value products.

Tier 3 - Intelligent Security Packaging

These solutions are a successful alternative to the hand carried high value or high impact deliveries.