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Nefab has three factories serving the market in India. In the Chennai test lab, we manufacture everything from plywood boxes, corrugation, and foam conversion to cater mainly to our export market customers. Palanisamy Paramashivam is the Manager for Nefab's test lab in Chennai, and shares some insight into the work that we do there. 

Palanisamy Paramashivam is Manager of Nefab India's test lab in Chennai.

Nefab's test lab in Chennai is recognized among customers as one of the best transport testing facilities in and around south India - mainly due to our capacity, capability, accessibility, and transparency with our customers. We are also respected for having all related testing equipment at one place and for offering "value addition" by helping our customers solve their issues of packaging and technical interpretation of the test, as well as suggestions on how to improve the packaging in question. 

In Chennai we can carry out packaging validation such as conditioning, compression, drop tests with tri-accelerometer, inclined impact tests and material validation in the form of bending, tensile strength, ECT, bursting strength, and cobb tests. 


A customer in the electronics industry wanted to validate the packaging design for a specific product, which is an OCR (Over Current Relay). 

Packaging: Corrugated box with PE inner cushioning

To do this we ran a number of different tests according to ISTA guidelines:

  • Pre-conditioning
  • Compression test
  • Drop test with tri-accelerometer
  • Vibration test (MIL 810)
  • Drop test

The tri-accelerometer was used to record impact through all tests, from start to finish. It was is connected to a computer that captured the information in real time.


The customer's solution passed the tests without any damage to their product. The customer could rest easy knowing that their packaging design had been validated. 

Want to know more?

If this spiked your interest and you want to know more about our testing methods, our capabilities or other cases, you are welcome to contact Test Lab Manager Palanisamy Paramashivam. You can reach him via e-mail at or click here for more contact possibilites.