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Test Lab the Netherlands

Nefab's Engineering Center in the Netherlands opened in 2010 and is located in Eindhoven, strategically close to airports and major industrial areas. Our team here has the capability and capacity to offer everything from design to production, all under the same roof. Ben Tjoeng, Test Lab Coordinator of the Engineering Center, below shares some valuable insights.

Ben Tjoeng is the Test Lab Coordinator of Nefab's Eindhoven Engineering Center.

Nefab's test laboratory in Eindhoven is ISTA certified and offers customers the following services: Design & Development, Product Testing & Packaging, Prototyping & Production, and Cleanroom Packaging & Services. We can improve packages after, or even during, testing and save a lot of valuable development time for the customer.

Testing case

Before implementation of a new solution, we do a release test. In this case a pallet system with eighteen plastic panels was tested and visually inspected after each test sequence. ISTA 3E was chosen because the pallet system was a unitized load on a pallet and ISTA 3E simulates the whole transport and handling that will happen in the field.

The following tests were performed:

Rotational edge drop test

Test equipment: Gipa Drop Plate, model 16 mm steel
Drop height: 0.20 m 
Height of support: 0.10 m
Test sequence: Short edge, opposite short edge, long edge, opposite long edge

Result: 1 panel was damaged on the front-bottom side.

Incline impact test

Test equipment: Gipa, model Ph87
Impact velocity: 1.1 m/sec
Test sequence: Small face, opposite small face, large face, opposite large face

Result: 1 panel was damaged on the right side.

Random vibration test

Test equipment: DL Shaker, model ES-70-LS3-550
G-RMS level: 0.54
Tested face: face 3 (bottom side)
Test time duration: 10 minutes (comparable to about 80 transport km)

Result: 1 panel was damaged on the left side.

Compression test

Test equipment: JR Compression Tester, model WBZ-100
Speed of top plate: 13 mm/min
Test method: Apply-and-release test
Stacking height in warehouse: 1+2 
Stacking height in vehicle: 1+2

Result: No damage to the packaging or panels.


During the rotational edge drop, incline test and vibration test, some panels were damaged. The damage during the rotational edge drop was caused by extraneous particle (dirt) found inside the folder. The other damage occurred when the panels rubbed or clashed into each other despite the fabric in between. 

Possible solutions are discussed with the customer for the failed tests. This way we have avoided unnecessary damage before the implementation of the packaging. 

Want to know more?

If this spiked your interest and you want to know more about our testing methods, our capabilities or other cases, you are welcome to contact Ben Tjoeng. You can reach him via e-mail at pec@nefab.nl or click here for more contact possibilites.