Test Lab China

Our test laboratory in Wuxi is ISTA certified and performs tests for customers all over China. Testing Manager Zhenli Wang explains below what this test lab can offer. 

Zhenli Wang is Nefab's Test Manager in Wuxi, China.

Nefab's test lab in Wuxi performs about ten tests per day in order to validate packaging solutions for customers all over China. This particular lab is equipped with video software that enables our customers to view testings from their own facilities. We have the capability to test packaging solutions for small components to large products such as 3000 kg. 

We are often approached by customers who want a second opinion on their current packaging solution. With our test lab and in-house packaging design, we can quickly assess and test the packaging in question.


One of Nefab's customers in the healthcare industry wanted a second opinion on their current solution for their Computed Tomography (CT) scanners. This specific product weighed between 1700-2300 kg and was over two meters long and high.

We initiated the process by looking at what previous testing the current solution had gone through, when it was approved in the first stage, and what additional tests would need to be performed. After this review of the solution, we saw that the current cushioning system was not working at an adequate level. Normal movements during sea shipment could potentially crush the basement of the applet due to the heavy weight of the scanner.

In the design review, we also analyzed the load optimization to establish how we could improve it.

Redesign and test

With the new solution the customer can load eight units instead of four in each sea container.

After the design review, we started to work on a new solution that would not only protect the product better but also optimize it for sea shipments. Our engineering team designed a new cushioning system with new materials that would handle the shock and vibrations that the package would be exposed to throughout the supply chain. The new solution went through all necessary tests according to ISTA 3H and passed them all, showing better results than the previous solution. The new solution also increased the load optimization. With the new design they could load eight (8) units instead of four (4) in each sea container.


We offered the customer a packaging solution that would reduce their total cost by $694,000 USD per year. 

Want to know more?

If this spiked your interest and you want to know more about our testing methods, our capabilities or other cases, you are welcome to contact Testing Manager Zhenli Wang. You can reach him via e-mail at zhenli.wang@nefab.com or click here for more contact possibilites.