Cleanroom Packaging

Cleanroom Packaging

A solution to protect your product from contamination and shocks when transporting between cleanrooms.

At Nefab we are constantly developing and updating the product and services offer to ensure that we are meeting customer demands. At Nefab Netherlands we are among other things specialized in cleanroom packaging.


A cleanroom is an enclosed area in which airborne particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict limits. In industry, clean rooms are used in the manufacture and servicing of hardware such as integrated circuits and hard drives.

Solutions to connect cleanrooms

We can offer packaging solutions that enables our customers to move their products from one cleanroom to the next without the risk of contamination and shock to their products. The product is called C2C Cube and it has undergone all possible testing at Nefab's in-house ISTA test lab.


The modularity of the different sizes facilitates multiple configurations of stacking, storing and handling. Custom C2C accessories can improve efficiency further: trolleys, special inserts, fastening plates, ESD protection, temperature isolation and much more.


Although a universal pillow cushioning concept available, Nefab can design special inserts for the C2C cube. Nefab offers custom fixtures, special foam cushioning or thermoformed fittings to protect your products. A wide range of solutions and accessories is already available.


The C2C is a returnable system with a very long life span. With Nefab’s global refurbishing service plan, your C2C Cube will be ready to be used again after each cycle. Nefab provides all inclusive refurbishment: cleaning, replacing, repairing, and modification.


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