Power Transformer Case: Reduced cost with intelligent packaging solutions

By allowing Nefab to reengineer their current packaging solutions, this power transformers manufacturer was able to improve their packing time in a way that resulted in reduced costs by no less than 20%. 

A power transformers manufacturer in Brazil was experiencing difficulties with unoptimized and weak packaging. The manufacturer sent their power transformers in knocked-down formats transported to their end destinations by sea container. Due to insufficient packaging this process was time-consuming and the products often arrived in poor condition. 

High requirements on packaging

Nefab's engineers evaluated the flow of the supply chain, how the parts were stored and also investigated the handling of the packaging. Shortly thereafter, Nefab was able to present a complete program of packaging solutions, meeting the customers' high requirements. It was of crucial importance for the manufacturer that the reenginered packaging solutions would reduce cost without compromising quality, that they could be stored and handled in rough environments and that the work environment for the manufacturer's employees would improve from a health and safety standpoint. This was all accomplished by Nefab.

Optimized transport, less cost of logistics

Nefab's program of packaging consisted of solutions optimized for transport with a significantly lower cost of logistics. The solutions that Nefab provided resulted in fewer damaged power transformers, and the packaging was designed to better utilize the space within the sea containers. The packing time was reduced, the handling and installation on-site were improved and the overall result was a total cost reduction by as much as 20%. 


Our engineers were able to reengineer the customers' packaging so that it met and exceeded their requirements. The new solution reduced packing time, improved working environment and resulted in a cost saving of 20%. 

rui garrido, executive vice president business unit energy