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Make it count with GreenCalc

At Nefab, we have a long history of calculating in order to save resources. We know that small changes in packaging and logistics can make a big difference. GreenCalc is an efficient Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) software tool, developed to provide you with a thorough analysis of the environmental impact of your logistics flow. Based on the results, we can design new packaging solutions to reduce your costs as well as your carbon footprint.

These are the challenges we are aiming to overcome

Challenge 01

Transportation and packaging have a major impact on CO2eq emissions and global warming in both local and global trade. Sustainable solutions are critical in this area, yet they are frequently overlooked.

0 %
of total CO2eq emissions are linked to transportation
Challenge 02

Today, most packaging is employed in a linear flow. This generates massive amounts of waste and pollution. Therefore, we design for longer resource utilization, making packaging reusable and recyclable.

0 /10
packaging solutions are not reused
Challenge 03

The improper recycling of the majority of packaging poses a significant challenge, hindering the process of moving to a more circular use of resources. At Nefab, we strive towards circular packaging solutions to improve the management of waste.

0 %
of packaging doesn’t get recycled properly
Challenge 04

Unoptimized packaging practices in transportation result in inefficient use of cargo space, resulting in ships, trucks, and aircrafts "shipping air". More efficient packing solutions will help maximize cargo capacity while reducing the transportation industry's carbon footprint.

0 %
is the average filling ratio in transportation
Our ambition
We will save
0 m
tons CO2eq in our customers' supply chains by 2030.
Accumulated from January 2021.

Introducing GreenCalc

GreenCalc is Nefab's LCA software, a trusted and proven data-driven tool that tracks and quantifies all financial and environmental data in your supply chain. With GreenCalc we can save resources, together.

The GreenCalc process

Gather data
Propose design solution
GreenCalc report
A trusted software

Developed in collaboration with PRé-Sustainability, an expert environmental consultancy company, and powered by SimaPro, one of the leading LCA software tools.

Proven Standards

Using ISO14040 and 14044 LCA guidelines, Ecoinvent is an environmental database provider, and ReCiPe 2016 MIDPOINT Hierarchist LCA methodology.

Strong Methodology

Analysis of multiple impact categories, such as Global Warming Potential (GWP), water and energy consumption, and multiple materials, transportation modes and logistics flows, including one-way and returnable.

We first started counting with GreenCalc in 2011. Since then, we have consistently worked to transform it into a powerful tool for calculating savings and enhancing results for our customers.

0 %
Decrease in CO2eq emissions in supply chains*
0 %
Financial savings in supply chains*

*On average, since 2021, based on more than 3000 GreenCalc calculations, comparing existing packaging solutions with new improved Nefab solutions.

Reduced CO2eq emissions and supply chain costs by implementing smarter packaging solutions

Case: Permobil

Driven by the company's new long-term sustainability goals, Permobil collaborated with Nefab to implement smarter packaging solutions that resulted in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint and 15% cost savings in the global supply chain, as well as improved workflow efficiencies.

Financial Cost savings
0 %
in total savings
Environmental CO2eq savings
0 %
reduction in carbon footprint
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Pick a number, any number. They all matter.

Our ambition is to save 10M tons of CO2eq emissions in our customers' supply chains by 2030.

From January 2021 until now, 700 000 tons of CO2eq emissions have been saved.

11 years of experience in conducting Life Cycle Assessments for supply chains and transport packaging.

200+ Nefab engineers worldwide, designing sustainable packaging solutions based on GreenCalc data.

31% reduction in CO2eq emissions, based on 3000 GreenCalc reports since 2021.

20% reduction in total costs, based on 3000 GreenCalc reports since 2021.

3000 completed GreenCalc projects since 2021 showcase our customers' CO2eq savings.

44 different packaging materials to model most of the packaging solutions.

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