Our corporate culture is based on shared core values. These are the values that the Nefab brand represents.


People often say that we are easy to get along with. This characteristic is fundamental in our province of origin and our goal is to retain this value in our relations around the world. We aim for simplicity in all our activities, because simplicity is genius. We are careful regarding money, our own as well as others and we are fully aware that we have to be profitable in order to continue developing as a company.


Our ambition is to be committed listeners, not only with our customers, but also with every person we encounter. Our generosity is essential to our relationships with others. We strive to be open-minded, humble and respectful towards others, no matter who they are. Our communication is straightforward and anybody can voice their opinions. 


Our organization is growth and results oriented. This requires proactivity, flexibility and cooperation. It also requires patience, persistence and a long-term perspective. Individual initiative and entrepreneurship are encouraged, as well as delegation of responsibility and authority. We maintain a flat structure, where leaders are expected to lead by example. It is our collective achievements that matter.