ESD Protection

Many electrical components, including computer chips, electronic assemblies and circuit boards, can be damaged beyond repair by electrical discharges. Nefab offers several types of ESD protective packaging solutions.

ESD protection

What Nefab offers:

Electrostatic Discharge, ESD, can cause damage or operational disturbances in electronic equipment. Knowing this, and with our expertise, Nefab can provide a suitable ESD packaging solution that is customized to meet specific demands.

A complete range of shielding, conductive, insulating and dissipative products enables Nefab to design a solution that gives the required protection.

Nefab can offer a complete ESD control program, including products for the EPA, grounding products and testing equipment.


Nefab offers a wide range of static shielding and polyethylene bags for ESD protection.



Nefab offer a wide range of  static dissipative PE or PU foams. 

Bubble Wrap

We offer ESD bubble wrap for surface protection, wrapping and cushioning sensitive products.


We carry Class 100 Clean Room desiccants ranging from 1/6 unit to 16 units


Humidity Indicators 

Humidity plugs and cards provide external monitoring of humidity levels in a container