Packaging accessories

Packaging accessories can be used to make the transportation of products safer and easier to track.

In the Nefab full packaging solution there are many different packaging accessories. They can be combined into complete solutions or used separately. 

The most important categories of packaging accessories are machines for closing packages, systems for monitoring the handling of the packages in loading and transport and different securing accessories. 


Nefab offers indicators to different segments and for different needs. Our wide selection of products makes it possible for every client to find a solution most fitting for them. 

Indicators that react to rough handling or environmental changes constantly will make mishandling a lot harder, because people are warned about the indicators in the package. There will be a indicator sign on every package with the indicator option.  

Packaging tools and machines 

In many cases there are tools needed for different packaging solutions. Nefab offers all of the needed tools for a smooth and easy packaging process.  

Paper dunnage bags 

Paper dunnage bags in different sizes and strenghts can be used for various load securing activities. By changing the thickness of the paper or the polyethylen Nefab can adapt the strenght of the bags to uor clients needs. Paber dunnage bags are fitting for road, railroad and sea transport and depending on their ventilation system they might be reusable. 

Packaging film

The film protects products from damage, because packages stay together better and dust or dirt doesn't get in the packaging. Years of experience and the knowledge collected in the packaging industry has given Nefab the ability to provide out clients with the most fitting solution. 

Tapes, labels and straps  

Tapes are used for closing corrugated boxes and other packaging. Nefab offers tapes from different materials like paper, plastic and cloth in different tihckness and width. Our tapes will provide the best solution in any situation or field of application.