Avaldatud 2020.03.17

Corona update

Dear Customer. We would like to assure you that as a responsible and global company we are doing everything to secure your supply chain for packaging material and services.

For coming times our focus is to keep our people safe from virus and secure our deliveries and services to our customers.

To secure our supply chain:

We have secured bigger stock for our main raw materials such as plywood, wood, cardboard and foam.

  • Nefab group companies are able to support each other for the matter of components and materials.
  • Nefab group has developed a plan for factory’s in Europe to back up in times of need (For Estonian Factory the backup will be from Sweden and Slovakia).
  • We have secured local suppliers for materials coming from other continents.

To keep our people safe:

  • Our  office workers are  working from remote offices to decrease the amount of the contacts.
  • All meetings face to face are temporary cancelled and will be held  via Teams
  • No traveling is allowed
  • All people that have traveled will stay in quarantine for two weeks
  • No visitors are allowed to our factory
  • In production people are having breaks in smaller groups to decrease the amount of contacts

We are having Tallinn factory management meetings twice a day and regular meetings on European level to monitor the situation. If we there will be some changes or news, we will let you know instantly.

All in all, Nefab has plan in place to secure all deliveries, but we would recommend all our customers to evaluate their stock levels and consider placing orders little bit ahead. We also have capacity in our HUB if you would like to keep your packaging safety stock in Nefab. Please contact your Nefab salesperson to discuss these matters. 

Hope that all in all we will all come out of this situation much stronger and with better cooperation skills!



Jana Jalast
Managing Director
Nefab Packaging OÜ