Former Trainees

Meet Fernanda

Name: Fernanda Machuca
Joined Nefab: 2016
Current Role: Global System Coordinator
Location: Sweden

Then and Now

About Fernanda

How did you find out about Nefab’s Global Trainee Program and what made you apply? 

I found out about the Global Trainee Program through Nefab Mexico, who originally offered me the possibility of participating in the program. At that time, I had just started working for Nefab in Mexico, and entering into the program gave me a great opportunity to learn and understand more about Nefab and the industry as a whole. Coming from a completely different industry and at an early stage of my professional career, it is tough to really know what career path you want to take. I found the program very interesting since you get the opportunity to get involved within many different projects, have different roles, broaden your professional experience, and learn from many skilled and brilliant people.

Can you tell us about the Global Trainee Program from your perspective?

The Global Trainee Program enabled me to grow professionally and personally. It also allowed me try new things and explore areas I would have not even thought about before, as I was constantly pushed out of my comfort zone. I was surprised by the high-level projects and top-management involvement. I participated in the development of a new strategy for one of our two business segments. The strategy was presented to Nefab Group's Board of Directors, and today we are successfully executing on that strategy.

Speaking about global, how was it to come from Mexico to Sweden?

Even if I first found Sweden cold and dark in comparison to Mexico, it was an interesting experience. The Swedish work culture and Nefab’s flat organization empowers you and allows you to develop leadership skills. A funny story from when I came to Sweden was when I accidently flooded the HQ office because I used the wrong dishwasher soap. It was embarrassing at that moment, but later I was able to see it from another perspective. International environments allow us to learn from each other, not only from a professional perspective, but also culturally and personally.


What would you say to people thinking about Nefab's Global Trainee Program?

Be curious, hard-working and open-minded, and your career will get be kicked off to a great start. The program is truly great – you get to know Nefab from so many different perspectives. It will also allow you to start building a global network and acquire knowledge to become a future leader in a global organization. If you are curious and dare to be put outside of your comfort zone, you might end up enjoying and working in an area totally different than you first thought of.

Application Information

The program offers around 5-10 positions within areas such as Business Development, Supply Chain, Operations and R&D. More information about the positions and location will be available on our page for job opportunities.