Logistics Services

Customized Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Experience the synergies of bundling logistics and packaging. We offer logistics services to global companies within the industry segment who need special or customized solutions and want end-to-end-optimization. Our services include contract logistics, packing, pooling, and cleaning services.

Logistics Service Provider for Industry Customers

Increasingly complex supply chains with a high variability and complexity of products and locations present companies within the industry segment with challenges. Outsourcing the logistics to a logistics service provider (LSP) can help ensure the efficiency of the necessary process and reduce risks. Many LSPs provide standardized offers to meet high-volume business in ecommerce or fast-moving consumer goods industries. Nefab on the other hand offers specialized solutions bundling logistics and packaging while also providing end-2-end-optimization on a global scale.

Interplay between Logistics and Packaging

A holistic approach

When it comes to optimizing supply chains, logistics processes and packaging solutions influence each other. The nature of a logistics process impacts what the ideal packaging solution looks like. In return, the characteristics of a packaging solution affect how logistics processes can be designed.


Nefab Integrates Logistics and Packaging

Creating Synergies

Nefab offers customized logistics services to complement our packaging solutions. This allows us to streamline operations and optimize packaging at the same time, creating synergies that reduce costs, CO2 emissions and improve supply chain quality at every step.

Enhancing Logistics with Packaging Know-how

Better logistics services

Having engineered and supplied your packaging, Nefab understands the ins and outs of your packaging solutions. This puts us in an advantageous position to offer efficient packing or crating services, and to ensure that the packaging is used to its full potential.

Logistics Insights for Packaging Optimization

Easier packaging optimization

Nefab has more than 20 years of experience in assessing inbound and outbound packaging to identify transportation savings. Logistics services give us the opportunity to identify further optimization potential in our customers' packaging solutions.


Logistics Services

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