Former Trainees

Meet Mitesh

Name: Mitesh Chotai
Joined Nefab: 1997
Current Role: Sub-Region Manager for Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom
Location: United Kingdom

Then and Now

About Mitesh

What has happened since you started at Nefab in 1997?

Since 1997, I have worked in 9 different countries and had 10 different roles. I have had the chance to be part of starting up new companies, entering new markets and turning around established companies. It is a true satisfaction outlining a vision together, gaining colleagues' commitment and seeing employees grow and reach goals together. I have also been part of developing several Global Key Accounts from scratch, which I am truly proud of.

What has remained and what has changed in Nefab since 1997?

The technology is of course different. When I started, we had faxes and fixed-phones, today we can communicate with each other in various ways across borders. What has remained is our strong customer focus, we have always acted as a partner to our customer, solving their packaging and logistics related problems. Our core values have also remained – I still run my companies and deal with all stakeholders following the company’s Swedish core values of simplicity, respect and empowerment, just as the managers who hired me some 22 years ago did.

Can you tell us an anecdote from your time in the Global Trainee Program?

It was still common for CEO’s to present important information with overhead slides at that time. Since the CEO had no time to print and wait for the ink to dry, we as trainees helped the CEO. Inhaling the ink produced by the massive presentation material in a small copy room was not ideal of course, but still we found this task golden since we quickly learned that information is king. The one who did this was the go-to person the next day.

What advice would you give people looking to get the most out of the program?

The Global Trainee Program is very insightful. Use your time well, observe and work with the top-management. Do not sit and wait for others to make a career path for you – create your own. People who are willing to take risks by changing locations and taking on new challenges in new markets and in new areas will not only grow as person, but also grow within the company. Being open-minded, flexible and having the ability to take initiative are other keys to success in Nefab. Take the chance to meet people, network and make new friends all around the world and discover what it means to be a Global Corporate Citizen, a true Nefabian!

Application Information

The program offers around 5-10 positions within areas such as Business Development, Supply Chain, Operations and R&D. More information about the positions and location will be available on our page for job opportunities.