Former Trainees

Meet Sebastian

Name: Sebastian Wachauf-Tautermann
Joined Nefab: 2015
Current Role: Vice President Sales and Marketing, Europe and Industry
Location: Germany

Then and Now

About Sebastian

How did you find out about Nefab's Global Trainee Program and what made you apply?

I found out about Nefab because Jönköping University shared a job ad of Nefab’s Global Trainee Program and it immediately drew my attention. I was fascinated by the idea of Nefab’s Total Cost Approach and how packaging really enables savings along the supply chain while reducing environmental impact

How would you describe the program?

Nefab will challenge and encourage you to be creative, come up with innovative ideas and new ways to solve business challenges. The trainee program will give you the chance to see different functions in the company, everything from how to build boxes to contribute to our global strategy. I have always felt free to reach out to colleagues and managers for guidance and support, because at the end of the day, all success comes from a team effort. 

What was the highlight of the program?

One of the program’s highlight was participating in Nefab’s internal training in Wuxi, China with colleagues from all around the world. The training was very intensive, working in teams to solve cases during the day and singing karaoke in a Chinese bar at night. The training was an eye-opener for how much there is to learn about our products and services. It also gave me a valuable global network with the trainers and other colleagues. 

How would you describe working at Nefab?

I love working with our local teams spread out all around the world. I have daily contact with colleagues in Asia, Europe and Americas, working together with challenging projects and adding value to our customers. I truly appreciate working in a global environment together with highly-talented people and interesting customers all over the world.

What would you say to future trainees?
Managers in Nefab will empower you and give you responsibility for projects outside of your comfort zone. Being empowered to work with challenging projects made it possible for me to quickly develop expertise in project management and how to interact with stakeholders at all levels from all around the world. On top of that, I also developed valuable leadership skills. All these parts are essential for my daily work today.

If you are driven, motivated and curious, the trainee program will give you a kick-start for a fun career within the Nefab Group.

Application Information

The program offers around 5-10 positions within areas such as Business Development, Supply Chain, Operations and R&D. More information about the positions and location will be available on our page for job opportunities.