Tobacco Packaging Material Specifications

Nefab Cutfiller Bins are made of plywood and steel. The top quality film-faced plywood has shown great characteristics for tobacco handling and the steel protects all exposed to wear parts to ensure durability.

Plywood Packaging Material

Plywood is created by assembling three or more layers of veneers with grain altering at 90 degrees joined together by an adhesive. It is an old technique creating a strong and lightweight material fulfilling many needs of today's modern world.

The Nefab Cutfiller Bins are in general made from 6.5 mm (1/4") and 9 mm (3/8") special light brown film-faced birch plywood. The high quality plywood is covered with a special " neutral " film, which is hot-pressed into the plywood to achieve a totally shiny, flat, and clean surface providing superior release characteristics that makes it resistant to the adherence of tobacco and stems. The non-contaminating film is basically a treated base paper, tested and approved by the major R&D labs within the tobacco industry.

The advantages of the film-faced plywood are numerous:

  • A very tough, robust and flexible material
  • Lightweight
  • Superior release characteristics = no tobacco sticking and no cleaning necessary
  • No static electricity = no dust attracted
  • No condensation of water when temperatures change
  • The plywood is neutral concerning flavor or odor transfer between bin and tobacco

The plywood used for Nefab Cutfiller Bins complies with the American FDA and the German BgVV requirements for materials in repeated contact with food.

Surface approved according to

USA: FDA § 177.2420

Germany: BgVV § 35LMBG, B 80.30-1, B80.30-3

Steel Packaging Material

The bins are assembled with electro-galvanized steel strips and corner fittings pressed into the plywood making the bins virtually impossible to tear apart.

Bottom tubes and top frames can be manufactures in either electro-galvanized or in stainless steel.

Construction of Cutfiller Bins

Nefab Cutfiller Bins are constructed to adapt to most handling systems. They are fabricated according to customers requirements and specifications and adaptable for all types of filling and tipping systems. The bins are stackable 4 to 6 units high.

The high quality in material and design makes Nefab Cutfiller Bins last for 15-20 years and more. During the lifetime there are no need for repairs or maintenance if used under normal handling conditions.

The steel strip assembling technique make all joints perfectly tight as well as it minimizes the number of rivets inside of the bin. A flat surface free from gaps and holes makes the bin easy to empty and has no possible hiding space for the tobacco bug.