Sustainable Materials


Development through Partnerships

By combining our in-house expertise and functional partnerships with universities and customers, we are driving the development of new green materials that are meeting emerging customer needs and requirements for even more sustainable packaging solutions.

With a continuous focus on developing renewable and biodegradable materials, we are finding new ways to achieve greater sustainability in our solutions and smarter ways to reduce environmental impact. Together, we can pave the way for a future with less packaging waste.

Calculating Environmental Impact

Over the years, we have developed our own certified environmental impact calculator, called GreenCALC, to assess and compare the carbon dioxide emission and overall environmental impact of different packaging solutions.

By using GreenCALC in tandem with the Life Cycle Assessment method, we are able to analyze packaging in each major stage of its usage, from the raw material phase all the way to its end of life. With this, we can gather detailed information which helps us design a solution that addresses the unique challenges that can arise in each stage. Click here for more information about GreenCALC.


David Nowak Engineering & Innovation Manager, Europe

Influencing Change

We strive to offer solutions that are easy to recycle at their end destination, but without ever sacrificing the right level of protection to secure your products in the most efficient way possible.

At Nefab, we are in a unique position to influence sustainable practices, both through our geographic footprint and in that our solutions affect so many members throughout our customers' supply chains. This responsibility is one that is not held lightly; to us, taking care of natural resources has been a fundamental part of our culture from the very beginning – it is a way of working and simply a way of being in our day to day lives at Nefab. 

To this end, we focus on three primary areas when it comes to our commitment to sustainable materials: imparting change in our customers' worlds, in our suppliers' worlds, and finally, in our own world. To learn more about these areas, please view our approach to sustainability

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