CratePak-O is getting stronger!

We are glad to introduce a new addition to our CratePak concept - CratePak-O HD



CratePak-O HD is created using strength of metal corners coupled with robustness of wooden crate. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, shipped flat and requires no nails for assembly. Crate Pak-O HD is designed to contain large heavy duty products for harsh and rugged environments and is resistant to wide spectrum of mechanical shocks from multiple modes of transport.

Customer benefits with CratePak-O HD

  • Quick to assemble and dismantle.
  • High safety, nail less solution.
  • Space-saving. Delivered and stored as a flat pack.
  • Offers effective packaging for extra-large and heavy duty products.
  • Can be opened and closed several times.
  • A modular solution that can be customized with different types of inner fitments
  • Fits serval types of pallet configurations.
  • Strong and durable solution for harsh conditions.

For more infromation please visit the product page

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