Nefab Hungary wins the Innovation and Technology prize

We are happy to announce that Nefab Hungary won the award of the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology at the Hungaropack Packaging Contest 2021.

The challenge was to redesign one of our customer’s heavy and complicated transport packaging method while reducing its environmental impact and total costs. The Nefab team opted for replacing it with a customized environmental friendly solution. By using the GreenCALC, our own environmental impact calculator, the Nefab team was able to calculate a 113 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved. This means CO2 emissions were cut in half in comparison with the original design. This saving is equivalent the annual CO2  emissions produced by 24 cars. We also reduced the amount of waste generated and the cost reduction was outstanding. In total, 100 000 EUR were saved with the new solution which means a 49% cost  reduction compared to our customer’s original packaging design.


Learn more about Nefab’s GreenCALC and how we save resources in supply chains, for a better tomorrow:

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