Published 2013.08.06

Case Industry Segment: Super heavy duty packaging

A producer of tunnel drilling equipment contacted Nefab - they wanted help to solve the problem of shipping a total of 2950 tons from South China to New Zealand. The largest product had a weight of 268 tons. 

When shipping products between these countries there are many factors to consider, the strictest ISPM 15 regulations in the world, logistic setup, corrosion protection, handling of the products and above all designing the complete packaging solution for such large products.To begin Nefab put together a team with different fields of expertise - to ensure all aspects of the solution were covered - from packing to offloading.

The project consisted of creating a packaging solution for large drilling and cutter heads as well as other equipment.. In order to protect the products from shock, vibration and corrosion, the Nefab solution consisted of:

Heat shrink and skeletal wood fixtures to protect against corrosion and strong winds in case of stormy seas. Wooden Crates and Containerization for smaller parts to make sure the products were protected against shock and vibration.

The whole project was completed within six weeks and ahead of the deadline. Everything was completed by 10 workers working onsite at the customer location. Together they packed 2950 tons of equipment into 77 packages and 28 containers.