Published 2013.04.15

Respect Tomorrow

Nefab will be a leader in sustainable packaging solutions for industrial use. Our mission, our quest, is to minimize the environmental impact of packaging from beginning to end.

Nefab's core business is actually very much about sustainability. Producing innovative and cost-efficient packaging solutions means that we continuously re-evaluate our products to optimize them in terms of content damage, weight, space and waste, etc.

Without a doubt, this sustainability work is an important part of Nefab's offering to its global customers.

Our integrated and structured process of creating sustainable product leads to a positive and dynamic business environment. It attracts skilled employees, provides more efficient control and strengthens our brand.

Our sustainability work makes us not only more competitive and desirable to have as a partner, but it also paves the way for doing new business with customers who share our core values. Our global partnerships are growing in number as we continue to be governed by our vision, our core values and code of conduct, and by our respect for the world's laws and regulations.

Vision and Strategy for Sustainability

At Nefab, we are positioning ourselves as a global leader in "green" industrial packaging. We are achieving this by implementing three basic tactics:

• We ensure that sustainability always remains an integrated part of Nefab's value to its global customers.
• We continue to improve and integrate sustainability in our own operations.
• We secure and support a sustainable supply chain.

Nefab's "Green Team" is at the heart of all of this exciting sustainability work we are doing. The "Green Team" manages and coordinates all of our "green" efforts by, for example, initiating new concepts and tools that can enhance the environmentally sustainable qualities of Nefab's complete packaging solutions. The "Green Team" includes numerous employees with different skill sets all working with a coordinator who guides them toward finding more innovative, better and newer environmentally friendly solutions.

Progress and Final Remarks
One of our most significant activities since we deployed our sustainability strategy has been our implementation of the "GreenCALC", which we engineered to quantify the environmental impact of our customers' existing packaging solutions and subsequently make recommendations for how to best improve them.

This is absolutely in line with our mission, our quest, to minimize the environmental impact of packaging from beginning to end.