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We package goods big and small, delicate and robust, heavy and lightweight; the one thing they all have in common is that the products are valuable and need protection. The needs of our customer base ranges from daily just-in-time deliveries in support of their manufacturing operations to one time projects involving the dismantling, relocation and reassembly of a manufacturing operation.

Our focus on Packaging Cost Reduction means that we look at your entire logistics flow and recommend solutions that impact total cost throughout the supply chain. With our Packaging Design capabilites, your packaging is optimized, reducing total cost througout your supply chain. 

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Nefab is the ideal partner for telecom customers today, allowing you to focus on your primary business and let us use our expertise (complete packaging solutions) to support your business.  We have a superior team of designers, engineers and sales representatives specializing in packaging solutions for the Telecom industry.

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Nefab is the industry-leading packaging supplier in the energy segment, with more than 60 years of experience in packaging big and heavy equipment. We know how to pack sensitive, valuable, and often bulky technology which needs to be transported great distances in challenging conditions.

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Nefab is a trusted provider of complete packaging solutions to industrial manufacturers worldwide. From small and fragile electronics to bearings and gears, and even big and heavy equipment for the Oil & Gas industry, Nefab has the expertise to design a packaging solution for your exact needs.

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Our packaging solutions for the Aerospace industry include protection of products throughout the entire distribution chain. From OEMs to the end customer we can help you with anything from the hull and wings, to the dashboards, seats, engines, avionics and everything in between...

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The vehicles industry is characterized by a global environment with innovative product development, manufacturing and supply chain flows. Nefab works with vehicles customers in many areas from major vehicle manufacturers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to sub suppliers and after market distributors.

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The healthcare industry is categorized by advanced technology and high-value products. These technologies require significant product protection. Nefab offers unsurpassed medical equipment packaging design solutions for the complex and sensitive equipment required for today‚Äôs healthcare needs. 

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