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40 years of supporting Telecom Data Storage and Infrastructure Packaging

Nefab provides complete packaging solutions for Telecom equipment required for network infrastructures and mobile communication devices

Network operators are forced to invest in networks to meet growing demand for high speed internet access on mobile devices.  Radio base stations, antennas, servers, and other equipment are needed to support the system, and these require high investments.

The right packaging is required to safely pack this heavy, expensive, and sensitive telecom equipment and transport it safely from the manufacturer to the installation site. NEFAB can design customized telecom packaging solutions for you that offer optimal product protection at minimum cost.

Nefab's global footprint is almost identical to one of the largest OEM telecom companies. This is because in the early 1950's our product and service offering was unparalleled in the industry, which led the customer to ask Nefab to expand with them globally.

Nefab is still the ideal partner for telecom customers today, allowing you to focus on your primary business and let us use our expertise – complete packaging solutions - to support your business.  We have a superior team of designers, engineers and sales representatives specializing in packaging solutions for the Telecom industry. This team will manage your projects and provide engineered solutions to assure safe transport of your products.  As the market leader in industrial packaging for the Telecom industry we understand the challenges you and your products face in a global distribution network. 


OEM's within the Telecom and Infrastructure industry face a challenge in cost efficient packaging development since very little production is left near their HQs and R&D centers in US/Canada and Western Europe and since there is very little supply to be done in that proximity, it is difficult to find a packaging design partner.

Nefab is one of the few packaging companies who can offer packaging design, prototyping and test support in US/Canada and Western Europe and also offer factory direct prices in low cost regions like Mexico, China and Eastern Europe where most manufacturing take place today.


Nefab's global platform enables global coordination with local service, tailored for the telecom and infrastructure industry.

  • Material neutral solutions
  • Nefab has a proven track record of Global Project Coordination for +20 years
  • Global footprint
  • Optimized packaging
  • Warehouse programs like JIT/VMI and leasing to reduce tied up capital

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