Electronic Panels

Electronic Panels

Packaging review led to streamlined logistcs

The Nefab Solution:

Nefab has undertaken a highly successful packaging review on behalf of a major subcontractor with a presence in Europe, Asia and the US. Initially, electronic panels were packed in traditional corrugated packaging that was placed on wooden pallets, stretch filmed and transported by air from Shanghai to Europe. The packaging had a low degree of filling and failed pallet stacking. This gave high, and therefore expensive, shipping weights and high impact on the environment. Moreover, it took a long time to unpack the panels when they arrived. 

Customer Benefits with Nefab Packaging:

Nefab's project group analyzed the flow and developed a lidded container that allowed ninety units per pallet, instead of sixty previously. The pallets could now be stacked three high, while also eliminating the need for stretch film and lengthy unwrapping.


“We also added a new lightweight pallet which helped lower the shipping weight considerably. The final outcome was an annual cost saving of 37%.”