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International Shipping Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Export packaging solutions by Nefab combine world class crating products with global locations and supply chain expertise. With experience in packaging all types of products, Nefab is your one-stop shopping solution for all export packaging needs.

Nefab Export Packaging Solutions offer the following benefits:

  • ISPM 15 compliant. As mentioned, being made of plywood vs. solid wood allows for the packaging to be shipped worldwide without any concerns of foreign insects.
  • Lightweight. In the event you are shipping goods by air, you can reduce costs dramatically by moving to a lighter material which offers the same strength and durability.
  • Collapsible, making it easy to stack and store in the warehouse or transport.
  • Strength & durability. With galvanized steel acting as hinges and locking mechanisms, and plywood as the outer material, ensures your products safe arrival to any destination.
  • Image. Since plywood offers a clean surface, the Nefab ExPak can be printed on with your/or your customers logo in black & white or colour. Your international crating just became a moving billboard!
  • Options. The Nefab ExPak offers several options from; locking mechanisms, pallet, printing, dimensions, handles, etc.
  • A proven export packaging expert.

ExPak Nail-less Crates

ExPak Nail-less Crates

NEFAB ExPak is an exclusive line of nail-less, collapsible, export plywood boxes, ranging from small, one-piece solutions to large, collapsible, six-piece products. The material used in the ExPak is plywood and galvanized steel, which increases the strength and durability of our crates, and also creates a nail-free packaging solution resulting in a safer work environment for your laborers. 


Wood Crates

Wood Crates

Nefab has unmatched experience in crating industrial products from small circuit boards to huge power generation equipment

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