Published 2010.09.15

Nefab Acquires Chick Packaging

The new organization will have more than 40 manufacturing sites in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and nearly 2,900 employees. 

Nefab, a global industrial packaging company headquartered in Sweden, today announced the acquisition of Chick Companies, the preeminent US industrial packaging company, headquartered outside of Dallas, Texas. Chick is the North American leader in industrial packaging solutions and services, with over 600 employees at 17 different locations in the US and one in Germany. 

"Strategically, Chick is a key acquisition for Nefab, giving us a strong presence in the important North American market. This significantly increases our global capability in delivering complete packaging solutions worldwide to our customers. Through Chick's expertise and excellent reputation, we can add solutions and services for a number of important customer segments including power generation, medical and telecom/electronics packaging. Our businesses and geographical scope are highly complementery, which will give the new organization both a strong position among multi-nationals, based in the US, and a global customer base through Nefab's present network."stefan ekqvist, president and ceo nefab

"We believe this is a perfect fit for Chick. Nefab, with its global presence, coupled with our dominant position in the US market will be a winning combination for our customers."brian bulatao, ceo chick