Packaging Cost Reduction

With over 60 years of experience in industrial packaging and crating solutions, we have a firm understanding of a client’s needs for shipping products. Supplying cost effective packaging is our mission.

Cost effective packaging leads to savings and cost reduction

At Nefab, we understand the problems our customers face every day. We know how to create cost effective packaging that will save time and money. We understand that reducing total cost of packaging is vital to a company's bottom line. Our packaging services are designed to yield packaging cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Pack Audit

When creating a packaging solution, we look at all cost aspects involved, from the freight to the price of the packaging. Our unique Pack Audit method reviews existing processes and identifies the most effective packaging for damage prevention and cost savings. By analyzing the factors involved in designing a packaging solution, we offer our clients a viable option in cost effective packaging.


Packaging Services

Taking advantage of our packing services reduces fixed costs. Designs can be modified for maximum packaging cost reductions. Looking at every piece of the logistics puzzle allows us to find packaging cost savings to pass on to you. Our goal at Nefab is to optimize packaging solutions to realize the largest cost savings without sacrificing quality.


Learn how Nefab reduces your total cost of logistics through packaging analysis and design:


By supplying cost effective packaging solutions, we offer our customers the ability to be, and stay, competitive in the market.  With proper material selection and testing, Nefab offers solutions that are optimized for design and function. We evaluate all options and customize the solution that provides the best packaging cost reductions possible. Our packaging professionals work to pass these savings to our customers.

All of our nail free, collapsible, export packaging systems provide packaging cost savings due to their design and flexibility.  Our systems enable the customers to standardize their packaging and realize the savings. Cost effective packaging solutions translate to customer savings. Rely on Nefab to get it done right at the best possible price.

Our solutions are based on the products and materials that fits your needs. No matter the packaging material we can design, test and validate the solution in-house to make sure that your packaging solution protects your products from A-Z. We have our own testing facility where we can perform all the necessary tests to validate our packaging solutions. For products that are too large to test we have a special software to simulate a test through a FEM-Analysis. All our tools enables us to give you the most cost-effective solutions with the right product protection.

Contact us if you want help to optimize your packaging solutions and reduce your total cost of logistics.