Shock & Vibration

Shock & Vibration

There are many ways to provide shock isolation for sensitive products. Some examples are a floating deck, a shock isolation pallet or cushioning materials to protect the part itself.  No matter what method or product you use, the objective is to provide protection from the harmful effects of vibration and G-forces that are typically experienced during shipment.  

Floating Deck

A floating deck incorporates foam, springs and other materials on top of a traditional pallet or skid to provide shock protection and vibration dampening for sensitive, high-value equipment. The use of floating decks for shipping machinery that has critical performance tolerances frequently eliminates the need for post-transit recalibration once the product arrives at its final destination.Unfortunately, some floater deck skids fail because an inexperienced builder designs a symmetrical loading configuration for an asymmetrically-weighted payload. Nefab has the knowledge and experience to design to precise center of gravity and uneven weighting with structures to keep loads appropriately supported in transit to reduce the vibration to acceptable levels.

Shock Isolation Pallet

A shock isolation pallet provides many of the same benefits of a floating deck by incorporating foam, springs and other materials into the construction of the pallet itself. While often a less expensive option, a shock isolation pallet has limitations due to the restrictions of designing within a pallet and is not an acceptable solution in some cases.
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Cushioning Materials

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