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Packaging for Distribution Center

The Customer Case:

A distribution center for a global leader in power generation technologies receives all overseas shipments into a centralized warehouse where the parts are repaked for shipments to the companies production facilities. For all of their larger and heavier parts, they were building their own crates in-house, and wanted to move away from this process so they contacted Nefab.  


The Nefab Solution:

After looking at the historical information on the sizes and quantites of crates they had built in their crating shop over a three month period, Nefab consolidated 75 sizes of crates into 15 sizes of ExPak. Inventory of ExPak is kept in our facility and delivered three times per week to the customer. This saved the space previously needed for the crating shop, and also eliminated the space needed for lumber and plywood storage.

Customer Benefits:

  • Freed up a significant amount of warehouse space
  • Simplified entire packaging operation
  • Standardized packaging

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