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Plastic Film Packaging

The Customer Case:

This customer operates 48 manufacturing plants worldwide with the majority of them located in Europe. This company is Europe's leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, supplying to a wide range of pharmaceutical, food and beverage markets. Products include confectionery, coffee, fresh food and dairy, as well as high value medical applications.

At their plant in France, fragile and expensive plastic film is produced for the packaging of foods such as yogurt and cheese. These products are shipped to the United States, Asia, and Australia. The wooden packaging previously used for shipment was no longer acceptable due to tighter legislation in China, so the company turned to Nefab for a solution. 


The Nefab Solution:

Nefab chose an ExPak P to meet the requirements of a light, economic, and ergonomic packaging solution. The tongues at the bottom were removed to accelerate the packing process and prototypes were sent to both Canada and Israel for evaluation. The testing went well and the company was satsifid with the ExPak solution.

Customer Benefits:

  • Enhanced ergonomics from a new, lighter solution
  • Reduced packaging costs by 15%

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