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Rolls of Plastic Film

The Customer Case:

This customer has been in the business of making interlayer films for laminated glass (safety and security as well as solar and sound protection, to name a few) for over 80 years. The company has manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, Asia, and Mexico. Their previous packaging was not performing to their high standards for intercontinental shipments, and sea containers were not being maximized. The customer needed a company capable of providing them with an optimized worldwide packaging standard. 

The Nefab Solution:

The global footprint of both companies was a great advantage in the relationship. Working closely with the customers team, we analyzed the flows and expected transport conditions carefully. Nefab presented an ExPak solution with Nylon straps to facilitate handling. Molded foam saddles were used in the box to cushion and protect the product during transport. Once assembled, the lightweight yet strong design allowed for stacking so that the sea container's space was fully optimized. Implementing the design involved personnel of both companies from Europe, Brazil, and the US. This ensured a smooth and successful implentation in the different manufacturing sites. 


Customer Benefits:

Today, this customer enjoys a number of benefits thanks to its collaboration with Nefab. 

  • Damage to the product has been significantly reduced
  • Significant savings on overseas shipping costs
  • A global packaging standard that is supplied locally to their manufacturing sites by Nefab

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