ExPak Types

ExPak nail-less, collapsible export packaging plywood boxes are the ideal industrial packaging solution for heavy, sensitive, and high-value goods. We offer several different types of plywood boxes as well as different types of closing systems.

Nefab ExPak P Wooden Boxes

ExPak P

Consists of a lid, 4-sided sleeve, and base Suitable for small-medium products.

Nefab ExPak S Wooden Boxes

ExPak S

Consists of a lid, 4 loose sides, and base Suitable for large, heavy products

Nefab ExPak H Wooden Boxes

ExPak PS

Consists of a lid, 2 L-shaped sleeves, and base Suitable for medium sized products

Nefab - Plastic Clip Wooden Boxes

Closing systems

There are various options available for closing the Nefab ExPak. Nefab can recommend the best closing system based on how the boxes are used in your supply chain.