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Custom Wood Crates

Nefab can design wood crates and deliver them to a customer as a part of their routine manufacturing operations or we can produce special-purpose crates for single industrial applications. 

Nefab has experience building small, highly technical  wood crates and containers (for circuit boards, for example) and extremely large boxes for such items as oil field or power generation equipment. We can accommodate such unusually configured or unwieldy devices as surgical robots. We build wood crates with the end user in mind, incorporating features that make unpacking and removal simple and efficient.

We use CAD programs when critical tolerances and box design must be approved by a customer’s engineering department. We also incorporate into our wood crates a wide variety of flotation bases for shock isolation of sensitive electronic or medical equipment.

Nefab Custom Wooden Crates Nefab Custom Wooden Crates Nefab Custom Wooden Crates