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Your Packaging Solution

Nefab offers complete packaging solutions. We provide all the packaging components required to create your complete packaging solution.

A complete packaging solution is different for each and every customer but the end result is always the same – an optimized packaging solution that reduces total cost and environmental impact.

In general, a complete packaging solution consists of inner and outer packagings. These are optimized for the customers’ distribution to protect against the strains and stresses to which products are expected to be exposed to during transportation. 


Plywood lid with edge-boards fixes the sleeve into position and gives an extra strength to the package to increase stacking properties.

Inner packaging 

Molded EPP (expanded poly-propylene) foam is a moisture resistant and resilient material with good multiple drop cushioning performances. Molding demands more complicated tooling but is often an economically preferable choice for large quantities.


An anti-static bag is a bag used to protect electronic components from damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD).


Outer packaging 

A corrugated sleeve has a good strength to weight ratio, serves as dust cover and reduces visibility of the product inside the package.


Light Weight Pallet 

Nefab's Light Weight Pallet is equipped with profile plates to keep the over-pack in position. Plywood and steel -> no phytosanitary threats according to IPPC - ISPM15. Dimensions are optimized to enable fork lift handling.


Customer value

  • Its light weight – saves air freight
  • Easy assembly – saves handling time
  • Flat pack – saves storage space (inbound)
  • Corrugated sleeve – low material cost
  • Dimensions – optimized for the mode of transport


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