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Optimization programs

Nefab’s packaging optimization programs are constructed to give our customer the best possible for solution for them.

How Nefab can help

Nefab has extensive experience of improving customers' packaging solutions by analyzing their situation and supply chain using pre-defined processes and tools.

Customer value

This provides a clear view of the customer's current packaging solution, and what improvements and savings can be achieved while maintaining the same level of product protection.

Pack Audit

During the pack audit, Nefab looks at all the different components and procedures in the customer's packaging and logistics processes to evaluate and identify opportunities to reduce the total logistics cost.

Packaging Standardization

Packaging standardization benefits customers by reducing the number of unique packaging items used in a company. Nefab’s optimization tools are used to find the right balance between the number of unique sizes and total packaging volume. Improvements can be made throigh improved packing patterns, increased stackability and larger batch sizes. This process also simplifies procurement and planning of packaging supply.